Remote Business

GoReward Agency

You’ve got company
Invoice across borders without the headache and expense of registering a company

Put the freedom back into freelancing
Time is money. At Xolo Go, we've made it our mission to help freelancers like you to reclaim your billable hours and boost your income so you can focus on what you do best — whatever that may be. Our innovative partnership model and supercharged suite of business tools removes the busywork and bureaucracy from the solopreneur experience. In return for our services, we charge a flat rate of 5% from every withdrawal to your personal account. No surprise fees, no contracts, and no BS

Cross-border invoicing in an instant
No need to take on the hassle and expense of registering a company yourself. With Xolo Go, you use a slice of our company as a legal framework to invoice your clients whether they're across town or across an ocean. Use our project tool to fast-track getting to "yes," then use our professional invoicing tool to create, send, and track your invoice in minutes so you can spend less time on admin and get paid faster!

Accounting on autopilot
When you handle your invoicing through Xolo Go, taxation, corporate compliance and even those tricky VAT calculations are all automatically taken care of in the background. Upload your expense documents to your business dashboard and our accounting team will handle the rest so you can optimise your tax bill. And when tax time does roll around, we streamline the entire process to make it as painless as possible

Create healthy boundaries between business and personal
We understand that creating a business bank account can be a hassle, which is why we provide you with one when you first sign up. That way you'll be able to get paid for projects, deduct business expenses, and streamline your finances. Whenever you're ready to withdraw money to your personal bank account, you can initiate a withdrawal manually or set it and forget it with our easy payment scheduling tool